Hi, we’re SIPNSAND

With days full of screens and social media, we believe that true connection is being surrounded by family and friends.

After a trip to Montana in 2016, we came back to our newly built home with a board to match our new kitchen island. The fallen Montana blue stain pine tree that it was harvested from dictated the characteristics of the board, including its unique shape, size, and features. At 4 feet long, our charcuterie board became the centerpiece of all our entertainment, serving up a breakfast bar for Sunday brunches with family, the late-night sweet and savory snack display for movie nights with friends, and ultimately the catalyst for SIPNSAND.

After seeing and witnessing the community that developed around our charcuterie board, we decided everyone needed to experience the memories and community created around a timeless charcuterie board.

If there is anything we've learned through this journey, it's that the simplicity of a charcuterie board, along with the sophistication of wine, can not only bring people together but spark memories that will last a lifetime.


To us, true connection starts when our devices are forgotten about and conversation begins. Natural connection is a human necessity that we all long and strive for. Whether you’re in-person attending our private events or at home bringing a one-of-a-kind charcuterie board to life, every SIPNSAND experience is designed around connection.

Unforgettable Moments

Cultivating memories and moments that will last a lifetime. Wine, charcuterie boards, and the people you love the most is our recipe for a great night.